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Value Proposition


The Business Challenge - To build a workforce that performs with optimal success in the interest of the business and its clients.  Shadowmatch provides the ability to build this workforce by:

•   placing people in jobs that best fit their habits

•   development and mentorship programs unique to every employee

•   team profiling and management support

•   relationship reports to optimize one-on-one relationships

•   personal learning from top performers in the job

Value for the Business Owner


•  reduced training time

•  reduced staff turn-over

•  build a positive culture

•  optimal management support

•  employee loyalty

•  employee development

•  improved productivity

•  scientific succession planning

•  leadership development

•  automated recruitment process

Value for Managers and Team Leaders


•  better understanding of their people

•  development programs

•  team building

•  optimal team management reports

•  positive performance discussions

•  on-boarding of new recruits

•  relationship reports

•  succession and career development planning

•  leadership development programs

•  understanding the unique behavior for success

Value for Human Resource Management


•  employee behavior register

•  optimal people placement

•  development programs

•  succession framework

•  team building

•  performance management support

•  talent management and development

•  create job specifications based on 

    behavior of top performers

•  access to job specific interview packs

•  work place relationship optimization

Value for Employees


•  understand own behavior

•  focus awareness reports

•  team role preferences knowledge

•  use their personal strengths

•  personal portal

•  relationships at work

•  personal relationship reports

•  personal development programs

•  resume capturing and sending

•  available internal vacancies