We offer a step by step service to train, guide and assist the company to implement the Shadowmatch and Skillsgrid programs.  


We can assist your company  to successfully place people in a specific working or study environment based on the alinement between the habits of an individual and that of the top performers in a specific job, or field of study.

Leadership Identification

Not any person in a leadership position can lead any team indiscriminately. We assist the company not only in identifying leaders but provide intelligence to ensure a good match between a leader and a team.

Team Analysis

We provide a powerful team analysis and team development function that will not only optimize the success of your team but also the success of each individual team member.

Personal Development Programs

We provide clients with experience based mentorship programs to help employees develop critical habits necessary for success in a  job/field of study. We provide each individual with a Development Program unique to  the habits of that individual. Business/Student/Sport

Succession Planning and Redeployment 

Finding the best people in your business to fill senior positions and to start with specific development programs for such individuals, is one of our core services.

Many companies go through restructuring of the business from time to time. We provide a scientific framework to do this with minimal negative effects on the performance of employees.

We assist clients to redeploy employees to a department most fitting to their habits and by doing so optimize employee performance.

Career Planning/Counseling
Having a career plan is no longer a luxury - it's a must.
Career planning is not an event, it's a project.
The Shadowmatch Career Report  provides an Industry Four enabled and automated career report. All the results are immediate, reports are created through artificial intelligent systems to provide you with an interactive, informative and future focused career report.
Our certified Career Coaches can assist you in how best to use the Shadowmatch Career Report.  Our services are offered on a one-on-one bases or group sessions. 

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