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I am a Habit Reconstruction Coach, helping individuals to build a better life through positive, progressive, and meaningful habits.


I obtained my BA degree in Social Work from the University of Stellenbosch. I have fulfilled the roll of a manager in international businesses in South Africa, Southeast Asia and in the USA. My experience in direct management and motivation of diverse teams across multiple industries, in multiple cultures, provides a unique perspective on human development.

I offer coaching services in:

Career Coaching:  starting to plan a career (ages 14 and up),  looking for a change in current career, and for optimal career progress.

Study Method Coaching: Helping students (ages 14 and up) to identify and develop the study method that best fit their unique habits

Fulfillment Coaching: “There must be more to life”

Personal Development Coaching: Purpose driven habit building coaching (Self-motivation, Resilience, Time Management, Conflict Handling, Problem Solving, Frustration Handling and more)


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