Study Method Report

Do we all like the same color?

Do we all wear the same size shoes?

Athletes don't even have the same running style!

Why do we think that there is one study method for all?

Shadowmatch teaches you a study method that is unique for you!

Shadowmatch is a BEHAVIORAL ASSESSMENT TOOL, that maps and measures habits.  By mapping the individuals habits and the intensities of these habits, Shadowmatch compiles a Study Method Report that BEST fits YOU and guides you to study success. 

The Shadowmatch Study Method Report provides you the following:

  • Social Preference - Should I study as part of a group, alone or a combination?

  • How should I study for subjects like Mathematics, calculus, stats and bookkeeping?

  • How should I study for my other subjects?

  • What Progress blocks, hold-ups and frustrations do I have when studying and how can this be resolved?

  • Ten Study Tips

  • How do I prepare for an "emergency exam" the exam I forgot about...?

  • How do I have to study when facing online/distance learning or homeschooling?

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